A Tale of Woe

by Morna

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... searching for asylum Wealth hidden inside Surrounded by shapes of smoke With no one by my side Dingy in a wind Stepping over the shades Walking by the ground City light in distance fades Yesterday means pain Story about confession Thousandth in sequence Desire for compassion (whisper) …Last dove is crying… R:Too weak to hear Too loud to ignore Too lifeless to touch Still unable to smear! Constelations mutually alike Brings flare to the dusk That beauty can’t see by day Circle that makes you gast(ed) Light from distant fire... Outline hope of future Smoke in eyes, reality coming Last dove is crying Void this excuse It´s meaningless Until you will find yourself In piece of existence
Awake 08:52
No one can read your heart anymore, Leafless tree of faith reminds me of our woe. Last time I was a trier and here is my word, Every eager beaver can seize the sword. The heart wields my whole flesh, This is what my Strenght feels – faint slash. I understand myself, I'm able to cover, I'm in blooming for these times, forever. The being is now in one's prime, Under the derelict beholder, almost mine. How could I be sated by delight, When my journey starts right (now). At night, spawn feed dark demons, Like a rotten carcass – hard seasons. No one can rewrite my past anymore, Do I still feel the slavish toe?
Greed is feeding us, we’re falling to evil lands. There’s no one to save our souls, their lies seems to be laws. Pain. Insane brains. Cakes of sickness. Ill by esurience. Heritage was changed. Walk off spells, involves sober steps. Whole human race can feel all the grace of pure inherence.
Bright days, stolen from this place, fading in forbidden universe. Visions of life ran away, bleeding out from throat. Knives of godlike satanism, must be broken. Written in your spirit, but never spoken. Rise from veins of sacred blood. Dealing with my pain, breaking down the bounds. Reveal lies, encourage my mind. They will cry for darkness which they’ve done Shepherd mourns for his sheep, grim wolf laughing at his grief. Dark night comes down, find light or die on ground. Army of blessed daemons, behind your crackling windows. Scream of dying neighbours, tearing out my ears. Last hour is ticking, evidence of delusion, under the sea is waiting. Depressed mountains, crying over this bloody vale. Time erase all this endings into the ageless bale.
Unuhuinë 10:30
Bring him along, come closer To slake a wish inside flesh, morose The bleak side of you heals the sense torn Beyond the mourning I was born In shadows of bleakness we trust Never allow him to turn me into the dust I just want to feel the suffering which comes And so reveal my wishes filling the blissful myth In drop of blood I can find a burden Saving the truth keep my knowledge open Like a fire in depths I love temptation My bleeding smile keeps myself in vexation You forgot me and now I'm the last one Let the love compete with injustice, son
Sequel 04:22
Put the weakness off my hands, like a black rose that grew from death. Dark clouds that surround my head, freeze all the pain and sorrow forever like a shadow's breath. Feel the timeless night in your mind, where the light was stolen. The daemon's words wind blows, so hear my confession and step over this tale of woe.
All apologies belong to her, Without hope must wake up, In hopeless, my judge Sir. Try to find me out, you'll fall down and failure, My disbelief is a way of all steps. Upon the underside is also nothing, Disappear into the darkness, Judgement in my hopeless, Waiting for the careful obscure. (Waiting for the careful obscure) Is the shade of the unpleasant souls. In my eyes, you will see the scars, The scars into the shade, shade of collapse. Some apologies she knows. Don't do it! It is not her fault, She's screaming and promise me, That the devil knows the way, And the apology come again. Without hope She must leave, Forgot why I needed her. (The meekness came) Is the shade of the unpleasant souls. In my eyes you will see the scars, The scars into the shade, shade of collapse. Some apologies she knows. (The meekness came)
Bowing afore the authority Enounce Her name is denied It´s only fear and dudgeon Brings me to hesitation... R:Sun without heat, without light, shining on me On this world, there´s nothing left to grow Hidden behind curtain Desperately searching shelter Again (again) Cannot touch the reality Waiting for the remedy Deeply into the chaos in my head Pretending I am ready to stand Martial sounds from behind Chacer me to rise from ashes Where hopeless pushes me to ground ...Soul receives next wound R:Sun without heat, without light, shining on me On this world, there´s nothing left to grow Hidden behind curtain Desperately searching shelter Again (again)
Thoughless lies burning my soul Inpredictible skies couldn´t see through Isolating myself far from whole world Saving me from darkness of these times Raising my ambition for the hope Can´t see myself in broken mirror Holding the truth Until it dies Our tears were unhearen Lost in the lies R: Isolated shadow Taking back thoughts of mine The hands of hidden evil Never be so kind Empty corpses, taking me down To perditious temples Two-faced perfection makes me mindless Loosing my judgement, feeling blindness Insane prophecies creates history of slavery Holding the truth Until it die Our tears were unhearen Lost in the lies


released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Morna Nová Dubnica, Slovakia

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