Shipping and return policies for Morna

Shipping Info
All orders are shipped until 3 days of payment. Shipping to EU should not take more than 10 working days, for other parts of world, please, wait patiently up to 20-25 working days. For international packages we send you tracking number after sending the package, so you will know where your package is. :)
Return Policy
All goods are visually checked before shipping, but we accept returns of CD, if occurs data fault while playback or wrong printed any part of CD. For merch, please, check if T-shirts are without visible damage to cloth, printed part and also seams.
Long time listening and scratching the CD is not accepted under return policy. You have to let us know until 14 days of receiving the package about issues, and we´ll figure it out. For contact, please, use email
Thanks for understanding